Operational Scheme

The NGD project aims to be a participatory and collaborative process and, as such will work within an operational scheme consisting of a Steering Committee, Executive Coordinators, Task Force and Regional Teams. These various groups will help ensure smooth communication and a clear but flexible distribution of responsibilities, while facilitating the engagement and input of a variety of NGD stakeholders worldwide.


The Steering Committee will be formed by CdM Members and NGD Strategic Partners such as international organizations and agencies, institutions and corporations and will provide the vision and guidance needed for the implementation of the project. The precise composition of the NGD Steering Committee will be announced in due course.

Members of the Task Force, the project’s principal content engine, include the Bertelsmann Stiftung (Guntersloh), the Atlantic Council (Washington), the Observer Research Foundation (New Delhi), FRIDE (Madrid-Brussels), the FLACSO network in Latin America, Carnegie Middle-East Center (Beirut), the Institute for Security Studies (Pretoria and regional offices). The GG10 acts as an Advisory Expert Network for the NGD Task Force.

These institutions and think-tanks, together with relevant Members of the CdM, will form the nucleus of the various NGD Regional Teams that will organize the regional dialogues and feed that specific perspective into the process and the formulation of both the regional and global NGD agendas.